Monthly Archives: October 2012

Do something about IPv6, at last

At this moment I am working for one of our customers, and was asked to kick-start discussions about IPv6. I sent around the message with the following content: Why is business so slow in adopting IPv6? IPv6 it is neither the new service nor the new feature. It does not improve performance or security, and […]

Vlan administration: MVRP, GVRP, Cisco VTP

Currently studying Huawei, I came across Garp Vlan Registration Protocol (GVRP) as a mean to do Vlan administration and pruning. Having no prior experience with it, I run a quick investigation. Cisco VTP is the proprietary counterpart of GVRP, but not all features have direct match: VTP appears to be richer and more mature. First thing […]

Approach to running an IPv6 Pilot

How to start an IPv6 Pilot – kind of puzzling question, because everything we know about Networking must be enabled with IPv6. You can start from any side, but some sides are less steep and can let you walk up step by step instead of climbing overhanging walls. Let’s look at deployment scenarios first. For majority […]

Possible uses of Infrastructure Discovery

The truth is that most companies do not have trustworthy inventory of things enabled on their network, period. Or they think they do until some kind of datacenter migration comes, or security audit, which reveals forgotten virtual servers, non-accounted test databases, default SNMP communities, and many other bugs from the wild wild rain forest.  Just FYI […]

Highlight of Wireless Networks features

I like wireless networks, I really do. They have grown well beyond tiny “pockets” that were giving you ad-hoc attachment to the wired network. Modern wireless clouds have centralized management, can simultaneously serve different groups of customers of devices and can perform amazing things when it comes to troubleshooting or planning. Just few highlights. Next […]