Monthly Archives: November 2012

Get your wireless donut right

Did you ever experience that your brand new wireless Access Point (AP) does not deliver as strong signal in your house as you expected? I did. Short investigations revealed details useful not only for fixing your home wireless network, but also for designing stable enterprise wireless environments. Putting configuration issues aside, one of the reasons […]

Road Planning is like Network Routing

Did you know that with a high level of probability, your car navigation device uses a variation of Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm when guiding you home? And you in your car are in fact like a data packet inside IP datagram – travelling over hops via the shortest path to your destination? Dutch computer […]

How would you approach Network Management?

“Tools must do the work. People must think.” – When it comes to the management of IT environment, way too often I see this principle forgotten. We spend too much time for something what can be a) Automated;  d) Done by the tool with much better quality. My personal statistics of customer environments tells that […]

Junos Space: all-round monitoring and management platform?

My first impression: not really, at least – not right now. Junos Space is an open network management platform from Juniper. I never used it before, and  the question that I tried to answer upon the first encounter – how good is Junos Space as all-round tool? If most of my network is Juniper based, would […]