Monthly Archives: December 2012

Outsourcing as a way to lose visibility

More and more often we see various parts of IT landscape being outsourced: Datacenters and WAN’s, Servers and Firewalls,- you name it. When doing so, IT managers would typically rely on provider’s monitoring tools of as a mean to detect service interruptions. What is almost always lost in such cases – is the ability to […]

IPv6 NAT64 power and limitations

When discussing IPv6 matters, you can often hear “… and there we put some sort of NAT translation to connect IPv4 to IPv6”. Many heard that NAT64 is a way to go, but we need to remember that in its nature NAT64 is not symmetric. It does matter which domain initiates the connection: v4 or […]

Wireless shades of grey

We often think of wireless signal as black-and-white pattern: here we have “the coverage”,- and there we don’t have it and wireless media is free. However, there are shades of grey between truly black and truly white spots. It helps to know them when we design or troubleshoot wireless networks. Position 1 We have “the […]