Monthly Archives: March 2014

Apteriks releases multi-user support

Apteriks has released the support of multiple user accounts bound to the single customer account. This allows for team members to share access to the same data stored in the cloud, but have different rights to it. . How would you use it Define “secondary” user accounts; Use personalized accounts instead of shared credentials; Keep […]

Unit Test your IT

There is a term “Unit Test” in software development. That’s a special piece of test code, which checks that a particular part of the main code works as expected. A complex set of unit tests verifies behavior in Security, Data, Authorization, and many other domains. Would we use such approach when it comes to IT? How do […]

Apteriks releases support of overlapping IP Spaces

Apteriks has added support of overlapping IP spaces to its IP Address Manager. . How would you use it? It can help you to: … store IP data belonging to different customers; … plan IP migrations by working out new IP plan in parallel to existing one; … have “test” IP space for testlabs, R&D […]