Secure Integration with cloud is not a myth

Any cloud based solution that is supposed to “automate” or “simplify” anything faces one major challenge:

how does the cloud access the data it needs ?

The whole idea of automation and simplification is based on eliminating the need of anyone being involved in dealing with raw data. The Jim Henson’s phrase from 1967 “Machines should work; people should think” seems to be a good measure for modern day IT solutions.

Well, we at Apteriks seem to have solved that challenge.

Sentinel Overview
A single installation of tiny Sentinel agent program securely integrates your IT environment with your company’s private space at Apteriks portal. All your users, connected from anywhere, benefit from that integration.

The sentinel effectively links the brain and storage located in the cloud to the ability to access the data.This new distributed architecture allows us to deliver to you full featured products right from the web.
No need to allocate server or storage resources.
No need to buy any permanent license.

You are ready to go in minutes.

On example of our current product – IP Address Manager – you can now scan your network, populating IPAM database in seconds.

Soon you will be able to discover deployed servers/services, gather inventory, visualize your setup. Check out our development list.

Alex Mavrin, Founder at Apteriks
Cisco CCIE #7846

Visit and use FREE ONLINE tools for network professionals.

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