Service Provider Setup

I often get requests from companies that seek solution for “external” use: not for them but rather for their clients.


a single platform that can manage multiple customers.

As of now, Apteriks supports this setup.

You can enable multiple Sentinel agents; each one positioned at a different customer, and manage them at the same time.

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Sentinel Architecture

TCP Service Discovery

In my career as telecoms professional, I have never seen inventories that are 100% correct. Any project related to the transformation of a live services need to confirm first:

what do we have out there“?

It takes time and resources.

Can we automate it without days of checking out or buying yet another tool?

We have just developed the draft version of a TCP Service Discovery; the same tiny Sentinel agent lets you do the service discovery in minutes. With a single button click on a managed network, you can you can identify Databases and Web servers, run security checks, and many other things.

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Alex Mavrin, Founder at Apteriks
Cisco CCIE #7846

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