Monthly Archives: March 2015

Customer Satisfaction as-a-Service

How would you imagine launching a service that makes and sells ice creams? With so many competitors, how to differentiate from others? Traditional value propositions would include lower price, bigger variety, wide distribution, etc. – areas already explored by the competition. I however do not often see the Customer Experience defined as the primary component […]

Business use of Bluetooth Beacons

New technology raises new questions from the customers, here is just couple of them. Can the new generation of bluetooth beacons help counting users in a shopping centre? Do they allow the communication over bluetooth as an alternative to the wireless? The quick answer is NO and NO, I’m sorry for the bad news. Let’s explore […]

Gartner included Apteriks in yearly DDI market guide

Few days ago Gartner has released a 2015 market guide on DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI), where compares the main players on a world market and provides recommendations to customers. We are very proud to see Apteriks on the list of IPAM-centric solutions! Read the report: .   — Alex Mavrin, founder at […]