Customer Satisfaction as-a-Service

How would you imagine launching a service that makes and sells ice creams? With so many competitors, how to differentiate from others?

Traditional value propositions would include lower price, bigger variety, wide distribution, etc. – areas already explored by the competition. I however do not often see the Customer Experience defined as the primary component of a delivered value.

Here is an example of it. How would you feel buying such an ice cream (2-minute video)?

I guess that most of us would feel comfortable buying from them despite that it is A) Slower than pre-fabricated grab-and-go ice creams; B) More expensive because of high volume of manual work; C) Limited availability.

Here is what I feel distinguishes them and creates the value in this particular case:

  • Custom made design that can easily be tailored on a per customer basis
  • Innovative process that creates that “wow” effect
  • Customer involvement in the whole process of creation of a product
  • Transparency in the execution.

Alex Mavrin, founder at Apteriks
Cisco CCIE #7846

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