Enhanced Network Discovery

The August update of Apteriks portal contains major enhancements of its IT Infrastructure Discovery capabilities. They mostly target our customers that need to scan a particular IT environment and understand what it does, which services it runs, and what hardware/software it hosts.

All our IT discoveries are performed remotely, in any geography, upon a single mouse click.


New Infrastructure Discovery report

If you are a consultant or prepare your IT environment for a transformation, this is the feature for you. After a quick scanning of your (or your customer’s) IT environment, you can generate an Infrastructure Discovery report with a single mouse click. We added the auto-detection of common server types and inventory details. Check out the sample report below.


SNMP based discoveries

We have added the support of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which allows to retrieve inventory details such as the actual equipment Vendor, Model, Software and others.

Therefore, a single mouse click on “Discover Network” now collects the following details:

  • Every device name and response time;
  • Every device network services and functions, such as Domain Controller, or Database, or File share, etc.
  • Every device Vendor/Model/Software details.

Export it all

Not used to saving sensitive details in a cloud? You will like this feature that will let you discover the networks that you need but keep the data locally.

Immediately after IT Infrastructure Discovery is completed, export your data to a file (CSV format). As of now it includes all collected details, such as running network (TCP) services and SNMP inventory details.


Alex Mavrin, founder at Apteriks
Cisco CCIE #7846 Emeritus

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