Apteriks released IPAM REST API

Apteriks IP Address Manager has released the first version of its REST API. Who and why would use it?.


REST API lets you integrate Apteriks IPAM with any tool that you may already have. You can manage your IPAM data remotely, display it in the format you like and achieve seamless integration with your existing IT management toolset.

As Apteriks is a SaaS service, you do not need to install any software or servers at your premises. Just register for free and start using it.


How does it work

The tool that you need to integrate with Apteriks IPAM needs to support the sending and receiving JSON-formatted HTTP requests. These requests can retrieve data in a structured way (GET requests), create new IPAM entries, such as networks and nodes (POST requests), update existing entries (PUT requests), or delete them altogether (DELETE requests).


Create new IPv4 network:

  • POST https://www.apteriks.com/api/ipam/v1/ipv4/networks

Read hosts within a given IPv4 network:

  • GET https://www.apteriks.com/api/ipam/v1/ipv4/networks/<id>/details


REST API communication with Apteriks IPAM is always protected with strong TLS encryption, so no man-in-the-middle can ever see what you are doing. The submitted data goes through the same quality checks as normal web page input. The creation of duplicate or incorrect entries is detected and prohibited.

More details

The detailed description of the API can be found on the Apteriks IPAM REST API documentation page.


Contact Apteriks to get more information


Apteriks IPAM as a Service




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