Apteriks drops prices and adds more features

Hesitating about using hosted IPAM platform? You might like the combination of two recent changes that we have introduced.

  • First, we dropped prices on majority of our subscriptions. IPAM for 10.000 nodes now costs as low as 47 Euro/month.
  • Second, we added more features to all premium subscriptions and Apteriks platform can now provide a complete IPAM life cycle from a single place.


IPAM Request Management

There is one thing that really makes it convenient for IT project managers and other people who need to request IP allocations and track their execution.
The Request Management portal. Standardized set of web forms that obtain all necessary details from the requestor.

  • No more emails. Upon submission the web forms are converted into helpdesk tickets and contain all details about the request and allocated IP’s. Single place for your users to keep the history of their requests. Single place for your engineers to work on all assignments.
  • Apteriks helpdesk supports Single Sign-On so that you can securely and uniquely identify your users in your own environment prior to transparent login into the Request Management portal.

Operational Planner

The bigger you grow, the more important the planning becomes.
Operational Planner is a place to capture and manage plans, decisions and audit information.

  • Improve your team efficiency by making the goals visible and traceable. Create an Operational Plan, capture objectives and actions and monitor their progress. For example, create a year plan describing what you want to do in an IPAM domain.
  • Simplify and standardize the operational area. Create a Decision Log and capture decisions, rules and exceptions from them. Drill down to To-Do items when needed. For example, document the operational rules of an IPAM domain.


Explore Apteriks.

Sign up free. Upgrade or downgrade at will. Cancel anytime.


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