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Apteriks drops prices and adds more features

Hesitating about using hosted IPAM platform? You might like the combination of two recent changes that we have introduced. First, we dropped prices on majority of our subscriptions. IPAM for 10.000 nodes now costs as low as 47 Euro/month. Second, we added more features to all premium subscriptions and Apteriks platform can now provide a […]

Apteriks released IPAM REST API

Apteriks IP Address Manager has released the first version of its REST API. Who and why would use it?. Why REST API REST API lets you integrate Apteriks IPAM with any tool that you may already have. You can manage your IPAM data remotely, display it in the format you like and achieve seamless integration […]

Enhanced Network Discovery

The August update of Apteriks portal contains major enhancements of its IT Infrastructure Discovery capabilities. They mostly target our customers that need to scan a particular IT environment and understand what it does, which services it runs, and what hardware/software it hosts. All our IT discoveries are performed remotely, in any geography, upon a single mouse click.   New […]

Gartner included Apteriks in yearly DDI market guide

Few days ago Gartner has released a 2015 market guide on DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI), where compares the main players on a world market and provides recommendations to customers. We are very proud to see Apteriks on the list of IPAM-centric solutions! Read the report: .   — Alex Mavrin, founder at […]

Easier IPAM Planning and Management

The last weeks of 2014 we spent on helping you to Plan and Manage your IP data using Apteriks IPAM, better and easier than before. Click on it – your IPAM network management page may now look just like this: Added Administrative Type/Status You can now assign Type and Status to network and nodes, and […]

IPAM is getting better

Apteriks IP Address Manager is getting better; here is the overview of new features in November release. Long-awaited Search function across all IPAM Support of DHCP Scopes and generic IP Ranges More granular control over user rights, especially useful for Service Providers Inheritance of support information Check out the complete feature list   — Alex Mavrin, […]

IT Infrastructure Discovery as a service

We have put together Apteriks’ abilities to scan and explore, and as a result, IT Infrastructure Discovery got its own product page. From one place, you can launch discoveries and check their results Recommended for: Companies preparing for IT transformations; creating or checking IT inventories. Consultants who quickly need to assess their client’s IT environment; […]