The last weeks of 2014 we spent on helping you to Plan and Manage your IP data using Apteriks IPAM, better and easier than before. Click on it – your IPAM network management page may now look just like this: Added Administrative Type/Status You can now assign Type and Status to network and nodes, and […]

Apteriks IP Address Manager is getting better; here is the overview of new features in November release. Long-awaited Search function across all IPAM Support of DHCP Scopes and generic IP Ranges More granular control over user rights, especially useful for Service Providers Inheritance of support information Check out the complete feature list   — Alex Mavrin, […]

We have put together Apteriks’ abilities to scan and explore, and as a result, IT Infrastructure Discovery got its own product page. From one place, you can launch discoveries and check their results Recommended for: Companies preparing for IT transformations; creating or checking IT inventories. Consultants who quickly need to assess their client’s IT environment; […]

For any leaf network that you manage at Apteriks portal, it now takes you 1 button click to generate the Infrastructure Discovery Report. Just like this sample, but filled with your own data. . Check it out:   No need for guesswork. In minutes, inventories can be verified, and security holes discovered. Given the fact that […]

I often get requests from companies that seek solution for “external” use: not for them but rather for their clients. Ideally: a single platform that can manage multiple customers. As of now, Apteriks supports this setup. You can enable multiple Sentinel agents; each one positioned at a different customer, and manage them at the same time. […]

Any cloud based solution that is supposed to “automate” or “simplify” anything faces one major challenge: how does the cloud access the data it needs ? The whole idea of automation and simplification is based on eliminating the need of anyone being involved in dealing with raw data. The Jim Henson’s phrase from 1967 “Machines […]

Last week I was part of an excellent team that conducted the panel discussion at TMForum Live! 2014 in Nice, on a topic of Enterprise Architecture helping to improve business agility. I shall try to provide a quick summary of presented and discussed topics.   Definition There are a lot of definitions of the subject; […]