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Secure Integration with cloud is not a myth

Any cloud based solution that is supposed to “automate” or “simplify” anything faces one major challenge: how does the cloud access the data it needs ? The whole idea of automation and simplification is based on eliminating the need of anyone being involved in dealing with raw data. The Jim Henson’s phrase from 1967 “Machines […]

Apteriks IPAM enhances User Interface

Apteriks IP Address Manager got the improved User Interface with more statistical data.  . Network Utilization graph Supernets show their utilization by the allocation of child subnetworks.   Leaf network show their utilization by the allocation of child nodes.   . Network icons Based on the type of network (Supernet vs Leaf, or IPv4 vs IPv6), […]

Apteriks releases multi-user support

Apteriks has released the support of multiple user accounts bound to the single customer account. This allows for team members to share access to the same data stored in the cloud, but have different rights to it. . How would you use it Define “secondary” user accounts; Use personalized accounts instead of shared credentials; Keep […]

Apteriks releases support of overlapping IP Spaces

Apteriks has added support of overlapping IP spaces to its IP Address Manager. . How would you use it? It can help you to: … store IP data belonging to different customers; … plan IP migrations by working out new IP plan in parallel to existing one; … have “test” IP space for testlabs, R&D […]

Keep thinking to yourself. Let the cloud do the work.

There are two fundamental questions in running and optimizing any service. How do I make sense of all information there is? How do I ensure that the information is trustworthy? Only upon answering these questions we establish a baseline, and can can improve upon it. When it comes to a big IT infrastructure, we have […]

Don’t go fishing. Fish right here.

As of now, Apteriks portal is linked to Internet Registrar databases, and portal’s tools can fetch Whois data for any IP object that you analyse or store, IPv4 or IPv6. No need for standalone tools or favorite URL’s anymore. Convenience is the key, isn’t it. Benefits Single place to query several regional Whois databases. Based on […]

Apteriks releases universal, online IPv4/IPv6 IP Subnet Calculator

What looks like a simple tool, it becomes a very valuable resource when integrated with the rest of cloud based solution. You pass data to it from IP Address Manager with the single mouse click. It recognizes any input. It guides you through errors. It’s super fast. It lives here: http://www.apteriks.com/IP-Subnet-Calculator IP Subnet Calculator understands IPv6 […]