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Enhanced Network Discovery

The August update of Apteriks portal contains major enhancements of its IT Infrastructure Discovery capabilities. They mostly target our customers that need to scan a particular IT environment and understand what it does, which services it runs, and what hardware/software it hosts. All our IT discoveries are performed remotely, in any geography, upon a single mouse click.   New […]

IT Infrastructure Discovery as a service

We have put together Apteriks’ abilities to scan and explore, and as a result, IT Infrastructure Discovery got its own product page. From one place, you can launch discoveries and check their results Recommended for: Companies preparing for IT transformations; creating or checking IT inventories. Consultants who quickly need to assess their client’s IT environment; […]

1 button click to Infrastructure Discovery Report

For any leaf network that you manage at Apteriks portal, it now takes you 1 button click to generate the Infrastructure Discovery Report. Just like this sample, but filled with your own data. . Check it out:   No need for guesswork. In minutes, inventories can be verified, and security holes discovered. Given the fact that […]

Possible uses of Infrastructure Discovery

The truth is that most companies do not have trustworthy inventory of things enabled on their network, period. Or they think they do until some kind of datacenter migration comes, or security audit, which reveals forgotten virtual servers, non-accounted test databases, default SNMP communities, and many other bugs from the wild wild rain forest.  Just FYI […]