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Enhanced Network Discovery

The August update of Apteriks portal contains major enhancements of its IT Infrastructure Discovery capabilities. They mostly target our customers that need to scan a particular IT environment and understand what it does, which services it runs, and what hardware/software it hosts. All our IT discoveries are performed remotely, in any geography, upon a single mouse click.   New […]

Why engineers hate them processes

“Yet another useless meeting”, that’s what I remember I often heard from my fellow engineers. We have just attended a management meeting on rules and processes. I still consider the task of gaining support of employees in the implementation of rules and policies being one of the hardest management challenges. Way too often, “processes” are […]

Customer Satisfaction as-a-Service

How would you imagine launching a service that makes and sells ice creams? With so many competitors, how to differentiate from others? Traditional value propositions would include lower price, bigger variety, wide distribution, etc. – areas already explored by the competition. I however do not often see the Customer Experience defined as the primary component […]

Unit Test your IT

There is a term “Unit Test” in software development. That’s a special piece of test code, which checks that a particular part of the main code works as expected. A complex set of unit tests verifies behavior in Security, Data, Authorization, and many other domains. Would we use such approach when it comes to IT? How do […]