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Apteriks drops prices and adds more features

Hesitating about using hosted IPAM platform? You might like the combination of two recent changes that we have introduced. First, we dropped prices on majority of our subscriptions. IPAM for 10.000 nodes now costs as low as 47 Euro/month. Second, we added more features to all premium subscriptions and Apteriks platform can now provide a […]

Enhanced Network Discovery

The August update of Apteriks portal contains major enhancements of its IT Infrastructure Discovery capabilities. They mostly target our customers that need to scan a particular IT environment and understand what it does, which services it runs, and what hardware/software it hosts. All our IT discoveries are performed remotely, in any geography, upon a single mouse click.   New […]

Why engineers hate them processes

“Yet another useless meeting”, that’s what I remember I often heard from my fellow engineers. We have just attended a management meeting on rules and processes. I still consider the task of gaining support of employees in the implementation of rules and policies being one of the hardest management challenges. Way too often, “processes” are […]

Outsourcing as a way to lose visibility

More and more often we see various parts of IT landscape being outsourced: Datacenters and WAN’s, Servers and Firewalls,- you name it. When doing so, IT managers would typically rely on provider’s monitoring tools of as a mean to detect service interruptions. What is almost always lost in such cases – is the ability to […]

How would you approach Network Management?

“Tools must do the work. People must think.” – When it comes to the management of IT environment, way too often I see this principle forgotten. We spend too much time for something what can be a) Automated;  d) Done by the tool with much better quality. My personal statistics of customer environments tells that […]

Junos Space: all-round monitoring and management platform?

My first impression: not really, at least – not right now. Junos Space is an open network management platform from Juniper. I never used it before, and  the question that I tried to answer upon the first encounter – how good is Junos Space as all-round tool? If most of my network is Juniper based, would […]