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Business use of Bluetooth Beacons

New technology raises new questions from the customers, here is just couple of them. Can the new generation of bluetooth beacons help counting users in a shopping centre? Do they allow the communication over bluetooth as an alternative to the wireless? The quick answer is NO and NO, I’m sorry for the bad news. Let’s explore […]

Wireless shades of grey

We often think of wireless signal as black-and-white pattern: here we have “the coverage”,- and there we don’t have it and wireless media is free. However, there are shades of grey between truly black and truly white spots. It helps to know them when we design or troubleshoot wireless networks. Position 1 We have “the […]

Get your wireless donut right

Did you ever experience that your brand new wireless Access Point (AP) does not deliver as strong signal in your house as you expected? I did. Short investigations revealed details useful not only for fixing your home wireless network, but also for designing stable enterprise wireless environments. Putting configuration issues aside, one of the reasons […]

Highlight of Wireless Networks features

I like wireless networks, I really do. They have grown well beyond tiny “pockets” that were giving you ad-hoc attachment to the wired network. Modern wireless clouds have centralized management, can simultaneously serve different groups of customers of devices and can perform amazing things when it comes to troubleshooting or planning. Just few highlights. Next […]